Liability Statement

Kanebridge Corporation is a distributor of military and commercial grade fasteners. Our product is purchased from manufacturers and importers. Conformance to industry specifications is formally requested from these suppliers. They are responsible for inspecting the parts they supply. We believe they are in the best position to properly test the parts that they make.


We maintain complete lot traceability on all products listed in this catalog. Certifications are maintained on thru-hardened and military-grade fasteners.


Our expertise is limited to the marketing and distribution of fasteners. We are not manufacturers, designers or engineers. Therefore, we are unable to recommend any particular application. In fact, we are not involved in any way with the application since our customers are all resellers. It is the responsibility of those who purchase from us (and their customers who apply these fasteners) to select the proper part and to test those parts at a level that is commensurate with the nature of the application.


Hydrogen Embrittlement: We require our platers and suppliers of plated fasteners to bake case hardened parts to appropriate industry specifications. However, this process does not guarantee that hydrogen embrittlement will not still be present after baking or that it will not occur at a later date while in service. Specialized testing or a substitute part may be required, depending on the application.


Liability: Claims against Kanebridge Corporation shall be limited to a refund or credit for the price billed or paid for improper merchandise. Seller shall not be responsible for buyer's manufacturing costs, labor, alternate purchases, extra freight, replating, plating, lost profit, good will, recall costs or other incidental or consequential damages.


There are no understanding, agreements, representations or warranties, expressed or implied (including any regarding warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose), not specified herein, respecting any sale of products by Kanebridge Corporation (to the extent permitted by law).